Get the data you need today yesterday.

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Arm your business teams with self-serviceable data


Irrespective of the type of data source—be it SaaS applications, RDBMS, NoSQL or log files—uniformly access them via ANSI SQL. Zipstack's zero-copy architecture means you can query in-place.


Say goodbye to tickets, emails and long waiting times for data. Self-serve curated, standardized data products that are accessible via standard JDBC or ODBC connectors. Innovate now.


Zipstack's modern DataOps platform brings the lessons learnt in software engineering and DevOps over to DataOps. Document, test, version control and deploy your data infrastructure as code with predictablity.

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Your data teams have better things to do

Zipstack's low-code/no-code approach means that pretty much anyone who has permission to access any data can create data products they need with self-service in 70-80% of the cases freeing up data teams.

It's no longer insightful if it's late

Query real-time data directly from the data source. No centralization needed in most cases. Reduce cycle time for insights—stay ahead of the pack.

Make faster & smarter decisions

Query data in-place, in real-time at blazing speeds. Get on-time insights.

Let anyone in your organization securely take advantage of data products created by others

Integrations Simplified

Get code-free integration with multiple sources powered by 150+ connectors.

Not only can you access data with SQL, you can join data from disparate sources with it as well.




Productivity Boost


Less time to insight


Lower TCO

Make your data work hard for you. Not the other way around.

Enable business teams to self-serve any data they need without them having to first email, message or ticket data teams

Zipstack ships with column and row-level access control that ensures sensitive data never ends up in the wrong hands

Bring the benefits of software engineering to DataOps: automate testing, documentation, monitoring, governance, access control & cataloguing

Open up data that can positively impact decisions in a standardized and secure way in a self-service fashion

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How does it work?


Ridiculously simple set up

Zipstack is a fully-managed, SaaS-based DataOps platform. There's hardly anything to set up.


Bring your sources

With Zipstack set up, you are now able to query and join data from a variety of disparate sources with SQL with 150+ built-in connectors.


Make your whole organization data-driven

With curated data products called HyperTables, anyone can securely access and leverage work done by others, enabling permission-less innovation, making your enterprise data-driven.

Integrate with  150+ connectors

With Zipstack, give your data engineers the superpowers to access data at a snap of a finger from 150+ sources.

Get data into the right hands at the right time.

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The marketplace is seeing a proliferation of data sources both relational and non-relational. Bringing the data together, standardizing them and making them analytics ready requires a lot of effort. Zipstack’s effort to streamline the process of data operations is very relevant and applicable to different industry use cases.
Nagaraja Srivatsan
Chief Digital Officer